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I had only owned my brand new trailer for four months when I discovered there was a leak. I dried the standing water, already had a dehumidifier in the unit, cranked up a portable heater and got it under cover immediately.

Within a day or two the floor had started warping. I called and made an appointment and the soonest they could get me in was about a month out. I delivered it to Curtis trailers and it went straight out in the holding yard leak and all. I dropped it off on January 10, 2017 and it took them 40+ days to make the repair.

when I got the call that it was ready I drove the 70+ miles just to find that there was still water on the floor in the original spot! And they had made a mess out of the inside of my trailer. the roof still leaked, they did not repair the warped floor because it may actually cause more damage at this point. they said they would fix it if it got a reasonable amount of time!

Bob told me to bring it home and leave it outside to see if it was still leaking or if it was residual water from the original leak. Well its now been about a week and half since we have brought it home and it is leaking worse now then before the so called repair. Now the walls are warping, the floor is warping, the door and the roof are leaking and the taped seams are coming undone. They also noted a screw poking up into the roof membrane that has not broke through at this point, but again didn't take care of it!

I told them I wanted a new trailer and their response was an offer for about half of what I paid for the vehicle 7 months ago. After reading the other 18 reviews I was shocked at the similar comments that others have experienced.

This situation speaks volumes of the caliber of company a person is dealing with when it comes to Curtis trailers. I have handed this over to my attorney at this point and will give an update once this situation is resolved.

Review about: Curtis Trailers Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $16900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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7/12/18: My brand new travel trailer's electric water heater didn't work. Nick, the very rude Service Dept manager (he said!?) is giving me crap about repairing it on warranty.

Also, they sold the original owner (a friend) who never used the rig and I bought from him 5 months later) the wrong tongue jack. It's an Auto Leveling System by LCI. The tongue jack is also a LCI and the computerized system talks to the tongue jack to Auto Level. Simple.

But the customer wanted a shorter jack to open his pick-up tail gait for his dogs. Mike Birch, a Curtis Salesman, recommended a Bulldog Tongue Jack, which DOES NOT Work with the LCI System, rendering the Auto System useless. I am disabled and bought the trailer NEEDING the Auto Leveling System. They NEVER should have put the Bulldog Tongue Jack on the trailer.

Now, to correct THEIR MISTAKE, they require me to purchase the LCI Jack (I asked for it but Nick, the Service Manager?, said they threw the brand new LCI jack away...?) and also pay Labor, which they charge $145 an hour now!!! ONE HUNDRED FORTY FIVE DOLLARS an Hour!!! Can you believe that??? They also crushed my bathroom door and it's been on order for 2 weeks now and today I was told, by Nick, it could be weeks and weeks before they get my replacement door in.

So, I will have an upcoming service call, 180 mile r/t drive, for the bathroom door, a repaired electric water heater and the replacement of the tongue jack. Not a Happy Camper! After the work is done on my 32' trailer, I will go to another RV Dealership for all repairs and to purchase parts also! I would NOT recommend buying anything at Curtis Trailer.

Nick is downright mean. He says he's "Direct..." I say "Downright Mean" and non-amiable at all!!! Don't buy East or West!!! There are better RV Dealerships here in the Portland/Metro area.

BTW, most of the Service Department folks are really nice. So are the salespeople, even though they apparently don't know all the mechanics of these modern trailers.

(i.e. LCI Tongue Jack...!) But once Nick gets a hold of you....Watch Out!!!


Twice claimed to repair my rv dishwasher, charged several hundred dollars but did not repair. 3rd time charged $500 to get my coach back and told me they could not repair the washer.

At the same time my heater would not light.

They told me the part to repair was $8, and labor would be about 200. When I picked up the coach they had tacked on a couple of hundred for finding the problem.


Portland, Oregon, United States #1319255

Same thing happened to me, this place commits fraud!

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